“Meditation and Sleep”, Dr. L. Schanzer, Encyclopedia of Sleep and Dreaming

Meditation and Sleep For thousands of years practitioners of meditation have asserted therapeutic effects.  Within the past few decades technology has evolved and scientific interest has moved towards objectifying the effects of meditation practices.  Some of these effects, such as inducing the relaxation response or as...


Does meditation-relaxation potentiate psychotherapy?

Lakshyan Schanzer MSPP, November 1990 Chairperson: Gila Lindsley, Ph.D. ABSTRACT The purpose of this study was to investigate how induction into either of two experimental conditions (meditation-relaxation or ordinary wakefulness) compare in their ability to increase phenomena considered useful to psychotherapy. These phenomena are: access to thoughts, access to...

Dr. Lakshyan’s Favorite Quotes

“There is in all things visible, a hidden wholeness.” – Thomas Merton “What you are, you are already by knowing what you are not free of it are remain in your own natural state.” – Nirsargadatta Maharaj “You are your own redeemer.” – Swami Sivananda...

Surya B9-1 Beginner

Beginner’s Yoga I Curriculum

1 Surya A "Yoga is the path of the Eternal, and freedom from bondage. No step is lost on this path and no dangers abound. Even a little progress gives freedom from fear." -Bhagavad Gita [foogallery id="2166"] 1 Surya B "Within this body, mortal as it is and only six...

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