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Does meditation-relaxation potentiate psychotherapy?

Lakshyan Schanzer MSPP, November 1990 Chairperson: Gila Lindsley, Ph.D. ABSTRACT The purpose of this study was to investigate how induction into either of two experimental conditions (meditation-relaxation or ordinary wakefulness) compare in their ability to increase phenomena considered useful to psychotherapy. These phenomena are: access to thoughts, access to...

Dr. Lakshyan’s Favorite Quotes

“There is in all things visible, a hidden wholeness.” – Thomas Merton “What you are, you are already by knowing what you are not free of it are remain in your own natural state.” – Nirsargadatta Maharaj “You are your own redeemer.” – Swami Sivananda...

Surya B9-1 Beginner

Beginner’s Yoga I Curriculum

1 Surya A "Yoga is the path of the Eternal, and freedom from bondage. No step is lost on this path and no dangers abound. Even a little progress gives freedom from fear." -Bhagavad Gita [foogallery id="2166"] 1 Surya B "Within this body, mortal as it is and only six...

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