Yoga Stress Management/Stress Reduction

Stress has become a household word. We all understand the meaning of ‘stress’, and experience being ‘stressed’. However, we often feel that we are at the mercy of our stress. We know very little about how to control and reduce our experience of stress. And we are often surprised at how others when under the same stress, manage differently or better.

Managing stress does not mean that you have to stop it.

Managing stress is not just about calming down and relaxing.

We offer two types of programs to help you reduce and manage stress:

‘Know Your Stress Style’ is a basic orientation to different ‘styles’ of experiencing stress, and how each style requires a different approach to management. Given in a lecture, and group exercise format. 2-3 hours. Fees vary according to group size. Suitable for small groups (minimum of 10 participants) as well as large groups and conference presentation.

‘Personal Stress Profile’ (PSP) is a series of 5 individual consultations. There are two aims to this individualized program: First is to identify your unique experience stress and the key sources of stress in your life. The second aim is to identify what will help you return to a more normal sense of balance and ease in your life. These sessions require your active participation with weekly assignments as part of the assessment and solution process.