Information About Psychotherapy

BodyMind psychotherapy integrates the best of Eastern and Western techniques. The method is meditative, gentle and brief. We use the meditative state of mindfulness to:


Draw upon the innate wisdom of the body.
Discover patterns of thinking, feeling, and action.
Feel safe and open to emotion.
Uncover core beliefs and images.
Open new life choices.


Psychotherapy can provide relief from stress, grief, depression, anxiety and panic, trauma, relationship difficulties, and eating and sleeping problems.

Psychotherapy can also offer valuable support at times of personal and spiritual growth, or when you are receiving medical treatment, since emotional and life changes often accompany medical problems.

Sessions last about an hour and are usually scheduled weekly or twice a month.

Consultations can be scheduled by phone and do not require a doctor’s referral.

Most insurance will cover the cost of psychotherapy.

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You can also have a session by phone, even face to face, using ‘Skype’ or your ‘FaceTime’ application on your phone.

Payment for sessions can be done on-line from the ‘Consultation’ page at this site.

We can help you assess
your needs for psychotherapy,
yoga or an individualized or group program.
For an initial consultation,
Call (401) 369-8115
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