Continuing Education/Yoga Professional Development

Ranging from private instruction to workshops, weekend retreats, or 5 day intensive professional trainings – We have worked with just about every imaginable group or type of special need.

Many professional health organizations that sponsor continuing education credits (such as: CEU’s for MD’s, Nurses, Mental Health Counselors, Social Workers, or Psychologists) and many businesses or professional groups (for example: engineers, lawyers, bicycle clubs, yoga schools, etc) have contracted with us to offer training, conference presentations, employees benefit programs, as well as to develop special programs for their clientele (such as for geriatric or other special needs).

Below are a few examples of topics and titles that have been presented. Please feel free to contact us and create a program for yourself or your group.

Psychotherapist Training The Therapist’s Job is Easy
Loving Presence
Healing the Healer
Mindfulness and Psychotherapy
Personal Growth Inner Resources for Healing
To Know Yourself (Retreat)
Perfecting the Mirror
Garden Walk Meditation
Grace Unfolding
Deepening Practice: From the Feet to the Soul
Couples Yoga
Yoga Teacher Training Action and Inaction: The dialogue: Where Nothing & All are NecessaryYoga and Psychotherapy – Two ways To Break the Spell and to Gain Liberation/Mukti

Parts into Wholes

Special Group Topics Yoga for Athletes
Yoga for Special Needs
Relaxation Training for Self-Control
Yoga for the Elderly
Mindfulness Skills for Trial Lawyers