Yoga for Over 50!

‘Anyone who practices yoga properly and sincerely becomes a Siddha (an accomplished one); be they young, old, or even very elderly, sick, or very weak.’. . Hatha Yoga Pradipika (one of the most ancient texts on yoga). 

Whether you practice rigorous fitness yoga, or are physically limited, warm-ups are for everyone!  Micro-yoga practices (i.e. not whole-body postures) can be used at work or home, or even in a chair. Warm-Ups focus on articulation and blood flow at the joints, and at points of chronic stress and pain (eyes, face, neck & shoulders, back, etc). They help with the wear and tear that comes with age and injuries, and prepare your body for more advanced Hatha Yoga* practice. Learn a graduated routine that includes deep relaxation skills and breathing practices, and that will relieve stiffness, and improve circulation.

  • Pre-registration recommended
  • Maximum group size: 12
  • 4 Week Course: $80
  • 20% discount for Early Registration **
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  • Contact us for a private course (individual or group) that you can schedule at your location (office, home)

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* Hatha Yoga is the generic name for any physical yoga practice.
** If we receive your payment at least 10 days before the program begins.