Heal Thy Self: The Power of the Self In Yoga and Psychotherapy

The practice of healing can be made easy enough for anyone to understand regardless of ability or training.

This program presents a systematic approach to self-healing that you can use to help yourself and support others.

Many ordinary life problems: loss, anxiety, relationships, illness or pain, or difficulties at work, affect us on a level that is out of the reach of words. Even the best advice, no matter how supportive, trustworthy, or well intended, often does not ‘go in’.

This program empowers you to listen and to understand yourself, and to assist others, on levels that are beyond words.

This daylong workshop uses meditative techniques, simple yoga practices, and group exercises in listening skills and sensitivity. You will work individually, in pairs, and in small group.

* Learn more about how the Meditative State is the active ingredient in almost every non-medical therapy, and especially in yoga and psychotherapy
* Increase your sensitivity and skill by using your body and mind -as a way to keep in touch with your needs.
* Use your signs of mental and physical distress for both relief and problem solving
* Gain basic skills in a meditative approach to psychotherapy that you can use on your own or with the help of others.
* Observe the process of a therapy session. Increase your appreciation of the structure and process of a healing experience.
* Become a graduate: Become eligible to join an ongoing support group.

* 20% discount if we receive your payment at least  10 days before the program starts

One-Day (8 hrs) program – $200.

Pre-Registration required

Beginners to Advanced Problems welcome!

Bring a mat, extra pillows.
Friends, and Close Ones welcome!

Learn how what you do on the mat,
can take you beyond the mat.