Intermediate-Advanced Yoga

Go deeper into your practice as you work at your own pace. Intermediate-Advanced Yoga is recommended for individuals who practice Hatha yoga regularly and are interested in physical conditioning as a part of their yoga practice. Depending on the capacity of the group, Intermediate-Advanced Hatha Yoga gradually becomes a challenging and energizing course that increases flexibility, strength and stamina, and includes warm-ups for aerobic and technically more difficult Hatha yoga postures and breathing practices. This course cultivates a meditative awareness of on-going internal experience while focusing on structural alignment and form.

    • Permission of instructor required.
    • Pre-registration recommended.
    • Maximum group size: 10
    • 4 weekly sessions: $80
    • 20% discount for Early Registration **
    • Register Online
    • Contact us for a private course (individual or group) that you can schedule at your location (office, home)
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* Hatha Yoga is the generic name for any physical yoga practice.
** If we receive your payment at least 10 days before the program begins.

The quotes on the adjacent pages call attention to a proper understanding that physical practice has in the general yoga system. Hatha yoga offers one of the most comprehensive approaches to wellness and body development. Those who are capable of these practices should learn them. If you want extreme strength training or extreme flexibility, there are yoga studios/methods that will teach you. On the other hand, if you want a ‘six-pack’, please go to the gym, and if you really want to learn pretzel poses, please join the circus!

Being an encyclopedia or contortionist, is no guarantee of greater knowledge than what can be learned from the most basic of practices.

My approach has a balanced focus, on wellness, body development, and health. The difficult Asana (hatha yoga posture) is not the one with the fancy technique, the pretty looking one, or the fashionable one. The difficult Asana is to be with yourself with complete honesty, to be with your strength and weakness, to be with your pain, and at the same time doing no harm. The difficult task in Yoga is to face the truth of your self.