Hatha Yoga Psychology Course 5 Secrets of Healing

Why do you feel better after a yoga class, massage, psychotherapy session, or any healing experience?

When we align ourselves with our innate sense of wholeness, it guides us back to our basic physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

A series of 5 Yoga Psychology sessions, each one demonstrating 1 of 5 interrelated principles that underlie a healing experience. In each class you will learn systematically, and mentally and physically. Each principle is presented using both traditional eastern philosophy and modern principles of neurology and psychotherapy. You will also learn experientially with exercises based on yoga and meditation techniques suitable for the average student.
Whether you are a giver or receiver, once you make these elements your own, you will know how to guide a healing experience, allowing it to go deeper, with more self confi- dence, and with greater receptivity to your own healing potential.

  • Hatha Yoga Course: 5 sessions – 2.5 hours each
  • Fee: $200 Group size limited
  • 20% discount if we receive your payment at least  10 days before the program starts
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What people have said about the Yoga Psychology course:

‘Pranayama and Asana meet current neuroscience through Lakshyan’s intelligent presentation and direction. Experience the heart of yoga practice, meditative awareness, in a unique class that includes lively discussion, meditative technique, pranayama, and gentle asana.’

‘I recommend this class for anyone wanting to not only understand the science of yoga, but to feel it in the hear and now. Lakshyan is a brilliant and compassionate guide.’ (Taken from promotional flyer)
- Katherine Conte, Director, Focus Yoga E. Greenwich, RI.