Student/Client Feedback

Feedback from psychotherapy/yoga/meditation sessions with Lakshyan:

‘Hi Lakshyan!
Sorry I took so long to get back to you. When I was about 36 weeks pregnant, I got sick with pre-clampsia…was finally induced and gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, 7 lb 15 oz and 20.5 inches.
We are both doing well and I love him more than I ever thought possible.
I wanted to share my joy with you because I truly don’t think I would ever have trusted myself enough to become a mother if it weren’t for the exceptional work I did with you, so thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Hugs and warm thoughts,
Ps. I also think learning to focus on my body-mind helped me endure a painful induction with no Pain meds, just a wonderful team of midwives. Yup, pretty proud of that too!

Voice message from BJ50:
“ This is BJ calling. . . It is Wed night at about 8 o’clock at night. I’m just on my way home from work.
First of all I wanted to let you know that the session today was great!. . . . I think that some of those skills that we had done there, for my anxiety, even though my day was stressful, were very effective. . . So I wanted to first. . well, you know. . I’m going to take credit for the work. . humm.. but you also helped with that. So thank you very, very much.
I know it was a 2-way street but you definitely helped me with your expertise . . and I want to thank you for that. . I’m going to be honest with you. I’ve been in therapy before and like I said, my co-worker, Fran, had highly recommended you, and said that you challenge . . you know, you do challenge me. You ask me questions that I’ve never been asked, and I think they are very helpful, and it’s going to help me through. So you are extremely effective. I wanted to thank you for that. . . and I look forward to continuing working with you.”

I have taken yoga classes off and on with Lakshyan’s Yoga Studio for 15 years (I only wish I were as dedicated to yoga as he is!) and found his teaching approach insightful and helpful. He has a non-judgmental nature and a genuine dedication to his craft that helps students at all levels sharpen their personal level of expertise; his many years of experience make each of his classes fun and productive. I don’t hesitate recommending Lakshyan’s studio to anyone either beginning or extending their yoga experience.

After 10 sessions, I feel comfortable to say that Dr. Schanzer is a very caring, professional therapist. He always speaks to me in a non-judgemental, positive manner. Also, he’s a very good listener and I feel I have his undivided attention at all times. Highly recommend this therapist. 
My husband and I have also started taking yoga, and we love it!

I have been studying yoga with The Yoga Studio and Lakshyan for over ten years. I have tried other studios and keep coming back because the others just don’t compare. Lakshyan has been teaching yoga for over 30 years and is very knowledgeable not just on the practice of yoga, but how to alter each posture to work within your own limits. Class sizes are smaller which allow for personal attention. The emphasis is on doing postures correctly instead of pushing yourself beyond your ability and possibly causing injury. Don’t get me wrong, it is still a workout! I highly recommend giving The Yoga Studio a try.

By RD108:
I have been taking yoga classes with Lakshyan for a little over a year. He has a wonderful instructional style, thoroughly explains and demonstrates the yoga movements and breathing exercises, and is attentive to his student’s physical abilities and level of comfort in class. I have found the techniques and breathing exercises demonstrated in class to be very helpful in decompressing after a stressful day/week. I especially find the deep relaxation exercises we engage in at the end of each class to be helpful. As a practicing child psychologist, I am very aware of the benefits of exercise and relaxation training/meditation on physical and emotional well-being. I highly recommend Lakshyan’s yoga studio.

I have been working with Dr. Lakshyan Schanzer over the last couple of months and in such a short time I have uncovered and learned so much about myself. Dr. Schanzer is gifted with the ability to help his clients look not only at their thought patterns, but also the way the physical body responds to thoughts, emotions and feelings. My sessions with Dr. Schanzer have allowed me to understand why I feel certain emotions and why I behave in certain ways. I can honestly say that Dr. Schanzer puts a tremendous amount of respect, compassion and understanding during our work together. I highly encourage anyone seeking Psychotherapy to see Dr. Schanzer. I promise that you will not be disappointed.

I completely recommend Lakshyan Schanzer for the very best in psychotherapy, I have been in grief counseling for about a year now with Dr. Schanzer and I feel I have made great progress. Before having therapy with Dr. Schanzer, I had been in and out of grief therapy for about 12 yrs with various other therapists with no progress. The difference with Dr. Schanzer, I believe for me anyway, is that he repeats back to me what I say. This gives me a chance to actually hear it out loud, and makes me think about HOW I got to where I am and HOW to work it out. Sometimes gives me a more rational way to approach my feelings. I also have a lot of physical pain. I suffer from Fibromyalgia, nerve damage and other pain. It makes it very difficult for me to maneuver about. I mention this because I have also taken his yoga classes, Lakshyan works with me to adjust the moves so that I can have more flexibility. I highly recommend Lakshyan for both Yoga and Psychotherapy.

email: AB21

Hi Lakshyan,

I know it has been some time since we last met but I wanted to say hello. On a recent trip to Rhode Island I noticed that you had returned to your previous location. Hope that is going well. I am living in Florida now and must say I am not missing the New England winters. I moved here in 2004 after completing chemotherapy. Initially for the winter season but now I am here full time. In July of this year it will be 10 years since my surgery and I am doing very well. One of the things that has been most helpful to me during this period has been my yoga and meditation practice and for that I must thank you for all you have taught me. There are many places to study yoga here but finding a good teacher hasn’t been easy. You are my standard for measuring all others and I have yet to meet one who measures up. Yoga is the best thing I do for myself and it is part of my daily routine. And as I age I notice just how beneficial it is. So thank you Lakshyan for still being a part of my life in this way. Be well.  With gratitude,  AB

Email: HP99

Happy Holiday’s Lakshyan. I think of you often. I referred my son-in-law to your studio. I’m in [the Pacific].  I am still learning much even as I stand the possibility of dying from my addictions.  I remember you so much more than you probably do me. Maybe you never realized how much you ”brought me up for me.” And you made a remarkable change for a lifetime in another human being’s life.

Email from FLA930:

Hi Lakshyan!
It seems like it was not that long ago that I studied meditation techniques with you when you were on Wickenden street in Providence. I still have the handouts you gave us. So when I received your email about upcoming classes, it brought me right back to Providence. In my mind at least. Another gift for which I send you my gratitude. Noticed your change of location. Will keep that in mind the next time I am up there.