Benefits of Yoga & BodyMind Psychotherapy

We Believe:

  • Real change happens on a BodyMind level
  • Each of us plays an essential role in our personal growth and healing
  • Patterns of action, thought, feeling, and movement, can change when we feel safe and welcome to explore our innermost self
  • Our role as teacher/therapist is to empower you to undo self-limiting patterns and recover your innate wholeness.
  • Our students and clients are mature and non-competitive. They value good self-care and want to feel comfortable in their body, in their significant relationships, in their work, and in their communities. Our students and clients are not interested in fads, gurus, or body-building. They place¬†increasing importance on meditative practice and internal sensitivity, as they face the challenges of every stage of life. They recognize¬†and seek the wisdom that comes from accepting themselves ‘as they are’, and that the challenge of self-discovery requires adapting old routines and new learning.
  • Some of the benefits of yoga and BodyMind psychotherapy they report include:
    • Increased Relaxation
    • More energy, less fatigue
    • Enhanced capacity for pleasure and fun
    • Relief of chronic tension and pain
    • Resolution of inner and interpersonal conflicts
    • Physical and emotional healing
    • Ability to make new life choices

*Mindfulness is a meditative state characterized by relaxed and open attention to the arising moment-to-moment experience.
**BodyMind Wholism recognizes the interconnectedness of physical, mental, emotional and energetic levels of experience.